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Snow Capped Cider Moves to Cans, Adds New Cider to Portfolio

This summer, family-owned and operated Snow Capped Cider, had an exciting canned product launch and has followed the news with the release of Rockies Rosé, a cider made exclusively for retailer Molly’s Spirits in Colorado.

Snow Capped Cider began producing their award-winning hard apple cider in the sought-after can format this past June. Being on the Western Slope (and having owners that are longtime Coloradoans), the company understood the big desire to take a high-quality cider along with you on adventures. The first ciders making their debut in cans included:

6130’ Dry – Named after the elevation of the Snow Capped Cider orchards, this cider is a Colorado heirloom blend featuring five cherished heirloom varieties blended into dry complexity with hints of oak and with a smooth, body and finish
Colorado Peach – Snow Capped’s high altitude peaches and apples unite for semi-sweet richness, powerful fresh aromatic notes and smooth tart finish
Honeycrisp – A single varietal cider made from Snow Capped’s 100% Colorado Honeycrisp apples. The semi-sweet cider is balanced by its forward apple flavor that is crisp, clean and bright. It’s everyone’s favorite apple from start to finish in a can
JalaPEARño – Made from organic Colorado Bartletts, this cider is golden in hue, has a fresh fruit nose, a soft, smooth finish, and is balanced by a notable jalapeño infusion and pear sweetness
Magna Vino – The great apple; Snow Capped Cider calls this a cider-wine made from a blend of their Colorado grown cider varieties and their own Pinot Grigio white wine. It’s extremely smooth, drinkable and complex by nature with a wine-like finish
Sour Cherry – Featuring Colorado Montmorency Cherry, the sour cherry shines through the apple-cherry blend, with a powerful flavor that hangs on the dry side of semi-sweet. It has a natural blush color, medium body and tart finish
Plum & Lemongrass– This cider features a gentle Jonathan apple base, blended with delicious plum, lemongrass and hints of ginger. It’s smooth and easy-drinking without overpowering flavor or sweetness

The new cans became available in the Denver Metro area in retailers like Molly’s Spirits, among others. Moving forward, all Snow Capped ciders will be transitioning into can packaging. However, they will have a bottle exclusive line that will remain in the glass 22-ounce format. Products that will remain in bottle include the Colorado-grown French and English cider specific varietals such as Blanc Mollet, Kingston Black, Habanero Lime and the Cider Makers Reserve (a 2017 Gold Medaling, 2nd Place Best in Class winner at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition).

The latest release, Rockies Rosé, is available in four-packs of 12-ounce cans, and will be sold exclusively at Molly’s Spirits in Lakewood (CO) while supplies last. It joins the other popular Molly’s Spirits collaborations Prickly Pear and Prickly Pear II, their premium cider variety aged for 12 months in oak, then aged in Molly’s Spirits tequila barrels for six months and infused with prickly pear cactus.

Continuing its “fruitful” partnership with Molly’s Spirits, Snow Capped Cider’s Rockies Rosé is made with Colorado-grown Pinova apples, which are pressed with elderberries and aged for six months, then aged again on Snow Capped Cider’s own Malbec wine skins from last year’s harvest (called “aging on lees”) for another six months. Rockies Rosé pours a rich rosy hue presenting light fruit and floral elements, bright medium body, and mouthfeel with a smooth finish.

Pinova apples are a cross between three different apple varieties: Britain’s Cox’s Orange Pippin, Russia’s Duchess of Oldenburg, and Golden Delicious from the United States. Developed in Germany, the apple was released in 1986 and made its way to the U.S. in 2004. It can be found growing in Southern California, Washington State and, of course, now Colorado at the Snow Capped Orchards. Borrowing much of its appearance and taste from its parent apples, the Pinova is a great choice for a rosé cider. The striated dark red blush over yellow skin is reminiscent of the Cox’s Orange Pippin; the sweet aroma and flavor comes from the Golden Delicious; and a hint of tartness from the Duchess of Oldenburg. The Pinova apple has a creamy white inner flesh and a crisp, crunchy texture. Its sweet flavor has subtle tropical undertones, such as banana and pineapple.

“This canned cider collaboration is truly a unique product as most canned rosé ciders are done by adding fruit juice, such as raspberries or hibiscus, to give it color,” said Molly’s Spirits Beer Manager Tony Doria. “Very few rosé ciders use red-fleshed apples to give it that classic rosé color and even fewer use all Colorado-grown ingredients.”

For a complete listing of where to find Snow Capped Cider, visit their Cider Finder on SnowCappedCider.com. Photos provided by Proof PR for Snow Capped Cider.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider Releases New Cider With 100% Cider Certified Establishment

Grand Illusion Hard Cider, an urban cidery and wine bar located in downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania, became the 6th establishment in the nation to have 100% of its front-of-house staff certified as Cider Certified Professionals (CCP) last month. The certification—the first ever cider accreditation program—is administered by the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM). It is designed for distributors, chefs, servers and others who are interested in becoming experts on all things cider.

“It has been a long time coming, but we are more than thrilled,” noted Chad Kimmel, owner of Grand Illusion, along with his wife, Andrea. “It was our intention from the very beginning to have our staff educated and certified so that they could share this knowledge with our guests. It becomes part of our ‘Unique Selling Proposition’,” Kimmel added. Grand Illusion’s staff was trained by Michelle McGrath, USACM’s Executive Director, and Jennie Dorsey, Chief Cider Curator at Schilling Cider. The presentations were made into booklets, which were then printed, bound and distributed to all staff, along with other assembled documents and reading suggestions. Once prepared, all staff took and passed a 60 question, 60-minute exam. Passing was with an 85% or higher. Grand Illusion’s average score was a 93%! Exam content areas fell into six categories: Apples, The Orchard & History; Cider Making; Flavor & Evaluation; Cider Styles; Keeping & Serving; and Food & Cider.

While Grand Illusion was the 6th in the nation to reach this achievement, they were the 1st in Pennsylvania. “We make it our mission to promote Pennsylvania cider,” Kimmel stated. “And by becoming CCPs, we help the state’s growing cider industry by educating people and turning them on to a very tasty, value added, agricultural product.” Pennsylvania is the nation’s 5th largest apple producer.

Grand Illusion produces four flagship ciders, quickly becoming known for their West Coast-style craftmanship. Blue Illusion (blueberry lavender) and Mystic Pineapple (hopped pineapple) were awarded bronze medals at this year’s Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. Street Magic is another flagship that is a hopped grapefruit cider; and Hocus Hibiscus (strawberry hibiscus lemonade) made its debut this summer.

Hocus Hibiscus is a lemony-tart and berry rich hard cider with magical hints of sweet hibiscus tea at 6.5% ABV. “Our inspiration behind this cider was summer. While our flavors go well with good and bad weather, we wanted something to scream the beach, pool, sun and sand – what better way to do this than with lemonade! We added the strawberry and hibiscus to round out the flavor profile and add interest,” added Kimmel. It was produced with pure fruit juices and dried hibiscus leaves made into a tea from Monterey Bay Spice Company.

“We aren’t shy about using heavy fruit, hops and even botanicals to flavor our ciders,” Kimmel stated. “Our ciders are flavor forward and well-balanced and we can them on their first run to make them more accessible to others outside of Carlisle.”

All of Grand Illusion ciders are currently self-distributed in 12oz cans and kegs in approximately 20 off-site accounts throughout Pennsylvania. At the tasting room, six-packs to-go currently sell for $11. They will also be made available for six-pack sales at Pour the Core: A Hard Cider Festival in Philadelphia on October 19. More information can be found at GrandIllusionCider.com. Photos provided by Grand Illusion Hard Cider.


Albemarle CiderWorks Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Albemarle CiderWorks turned 10 last month, and the cidery celebrated with music, new cider releases, and a whole pig roast at their tasting room in North Garden, Virginia.

Siblings Charlotte, Chuck, Bill and Todd Shelton opened the doors of Albemarle CiderWorks on July 13, 2009. Located on their parents’ North Garden farm, the cidery was a natural outgrowth of their orchard and apple tree nursery, Vintage Virginia Apples. Over the last decade, the cidery has tripled its production as the Sheltons have explored translating their orchard into the glass. From the beginning, the focus has been the apples and the cider they ferment into.

Cidermaker Chuck Shelton has been crafting cider since 2005. His ciders were recognized recently with three silver medals from the Virginia Governor’s Cup; a gold medal, two silvers and a bronze from the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition; and a gold, a silver and two bronzes from the New York International Cider Competition. He continues to explore flavor profiles of different apple varieties, making selections from the over 200 varieties of apples grown at Vintage Virginia Apples.

To celebrate 10 years of making fine cider, a birthday bash was held. There was a special address by Virginia Secretary of Agriculture Bettina Ring who spoke about the impacts businesses like Albemarle CiderWorks have brought to the economy of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tara Mills & Jimmy Stelling played their original mountain Americana. Food was available to purchase, including gluten-free and vegetarian options, from Piedmont Smokehouse, who roasted a whole hog on-site. Albemarle CiderWorks released two new small batch ciders in honor of the occasion, as well: Cidermaker’s Choice Batch #4-Russet Blend and Cidermaker’s Choice Batch #5-Bittersweet Blend.

Cidermaker’s Choice Batch #4: Russet Blend was made of apples with russeted skin. Golden Russet, Roxbury Russet, Razor Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel and Pomme Gris combine to give notes of plantain and almond rounded out with a caramel finish. With a medium body and a light astringency, this dry cider complements acidic dishes like tomato based chowders and ceviche.

Cidermaker’s Choice Batch #5: Bittersweet Blend was made with bittersweet apples, which are traditional cider apples used in Europe and parts of the United States. British cider varieties Yarlington Mill and Chisel Jersey combine with American cider varieties Esopus Spitzenburg and Wickson Crab to make a well balanced cider. Lighter in body with a lingering finish, this cider sports notes of elderflower and lemon. It pairs well with shrimp scampi, lemon risotto and Greek salads.

To learn more about Albemarle CiderWorks, please visit AlbemarleCiderWorks.com.

Plan a Trip to These Three New Cider Taprooms

This summer, Alter Ego Cider of Oregon and Golden State Cider of California both opened taprooms for their dedicated fan bases to have a place to sip their ciders. Meanwhile, South Hill Cider of New York broke ground on constructing their soon to be tasting room.

Alter Ego Cider opened their taphouse in June at 2025 SE 7th Avenue in Portland’s (Oregon) Central Eastside neighborhood. The taphouse serves seasonal and local ciders, beer and wine, and is open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday evenings.

Alter Ego Cider is a small-batch, artisanal cidery owned and operated by winemakers. Co-Owners Anne Hubatch and Kevin Bates and Cidermaker Robert Lauer work together to produce food-friendly ciders using distinctly wine-like techniques for greater capture of aromas, depth, and texture. Each cider is made from Pacific Northwest-grown apples, with two flagship offerings —The Brut and The Guardian Angel—as well as seasonal ciders highlighting flavors such as strawberry, black currant, and lime.

“The taphouse will serve as a space for us to share our flagship ciders and smaller, experimental batches, in addition to some exciting collaborations with other local makers,” said Alter Ego Co-Founder Anne Hubatch. “The vision for this taphouse has been in the works since we first launched Alter Ego five years ago, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition.”

“The comfortable taphouse seats 18, with minimalist design elements that combine modern with rustic, including a zinc bar and cherrywood wainscoting. Outdoor seating is also available, accommodating another 30 guests. Adjoining the taphouse is the cider production space and Helioterra Wines, Hubatch’s winery.

Alter Ego’s taphouse features twelve taps of cider and guest offerings, including a snakebite made in collaboration with Level Beer, an exclusive six-barrel cider from Bauman’s Cider, and Montavilla Brew Works’ Flam Tap IPA.

Seasonal ciders from Alter Ego include Camellia Noir (made with cranberries and black tea from local teamaker Tea Chai Té), The Strawberry Margarita (made with strawberries, lime, and sea salt), and The Brew (a cold brew cider made in collaboration with Cascadia Coffee Roasters). Wine and cider-based cocktails are also available, including a “cidermosa” served on weekends, made with Alter Ego’s The Brut cider and a splash of fresh orange juice.

The taphouse offers light bites and invites guests to bring their own food, with menus from surrounding restaurants available for to-go orders. The taphouse and production space also serve as venues for tasting events and dinners with local guest chefs. For hours of operation and the drink menu, visit AlterEgoCider.com.

Golden State Cider opened their taproom in Sebastopol, California, this month after much time spent on build out and recovery after the 2019 Northern California floods. All of their core ciders as well as their Harvest Series, California Farms Series and taproom only exclusives will be available.

Managed by Matt Bardelsky and assistant Megan Attebery, the taproom is opening to be a cider education hub. Golden State Cider creates “apple driven dry ciders” to further the mission behind the company to revitalized the apple growing industry by “growing apples through cider.”

The taproom is located at 180 Morris Street, Suite 150, in Sebastopol, CA 95472 and it’s open seven days a week from 10am-11pm. Those looking to visit are welcome to bring the whole family as the taproom is children and dog friendly. For those under 21 or not looking to imbibe, sparkling water, fresh-pressed apple juice and Guayaki Yerba Mate will be available as alternatives. Picnics are welcome so pack a lunch and bring it with you or enjoy one-of-a-kind food pairings and dishes from Golden State Cider’s neighbor The Barrio Cocina. If you find something you enjoy or just want to buy direct, customers can make four-pack purchases to go from the bar. Check out what’s on tap at DrinkGoldenState.com.

South Hill Cider announced they have been busy this past spring and summer tying tree branches, spreading wood chip mulch, blending cider, and… building a cidery and tasting room in Ithaca. Their location in New York is the site of their organic cider apple orchard. It had beautiful views and is on the Finger Lakes Trail, next door to the Finger Lakes Land Trust’s Sweedler and Thayer Preserves. They’re also one mile from Buttermilk Falls State Park – great for hiking with gorges and waterfalls.

The building has been designed to be both functional and beautiful. Steve Selin and his brother Scott, who restored church steeples for 15 years and is now an architect, created the space to make for a lovely tasting experience. Many friends including Max Paskin-Flerlage, Chad Purdy, and Nathaniel Greenspun are offering their expertise to make the new adventure a success, as well.

A mid-September opening is planned, just as the apple harvest is beginning and the nights are cooling off a bit. Blossoms loaded the trees this year with many pollinators in the orchard at work so there is hope for a great orchard experience for visitors. However, a couple varieties didn’t set as much fruit as expected (Chestnut Crab and Calville Blanc d’Hiver in particular). The very wet, cold weather during pollination are likely to blame for the impact but varieties such as Dabinett, Golden Russet, Goldrush, and Michelin have a good-looking crop.

At the tasting room, South Hill Cider will have many ciders to taste, a beautiful view to share and helpful, friendly cider guides to welcome you to their new home. There are food pairings planned for customers to try along the ciders – stay tuned. They’re also looking forward to hosting special events and being available as a meeting and event space for the community to gather. Stay up to date on developments at SouthHillCider.com.

Alter Ego Cider taphouse photos provided by Play Nice PR for Alter Ego Cider. Golden State Cider and South Hill Cider photos provided by each cidery respectively.


Low-Calorie Cider Takes the Stage with Three New Releases

Last year, we saw the release of many rosé ciders come out month after month to compete in the market with rosé wines and grab hold of market trends. This year, we’re seeing low-calorie options continue to be released in an effort to gain sales from the health-conscious, diet-driven consumers looking for light and refreshing alternatives of their favorite beverages – the same consumers who have driven hard seltzer sales to what is expected to be an over billion-dollar industry this year. Here are three new low-calorie cider options on shelves:

Nine Pin Cider, Cucumber Lime – Albany, New York, -based cidery, Nine Pin Cider, introduced their modern take on the traditional ciderkin process to produce a whole new line of low-calorie ciders to honor New York cider’s colonial roots. In colonial New York, ciderkin, as it was called, was produced by soaking the remaining apple pomace from the apple press in water. The beverage was widely produced during America’s colonial era and was often served with breakfast. Ciderkin was nearly lost to history due to the popularization of beer in the 19th century and Prohibition in the first half of the 20th century. The first light cider or ciderkin Nine Pin released was Cucumber Lime last month. Made from 100 percent New York apples and containing fresh water, cucumber and lime, this gluten-free cider has only 110 calories per 12-ounce serving with a low ABV of 4.3%. It’s available in 12-ounce cans on draft in bars, restaurants, and retailers proudly serving Nine Pin products in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.

“Nine Pin ciders are rooted in New York history, yet we are always looking for innovative and creative ways to make cider accessible to everyone,” said Alejandro del Peral, co-founder and cider maker. “Our Cucumber Lime Light Cider is produced with the health-conscious consumer in mind, but its historical significance gives it the soul that spiked seltzers and other low-calorie offerings simply lack.”

Blake’s Hard Cider, Lite Cider - The Midwest’s largest craft cidery known for its farm-to-can process, introduced Blake’s Lite Cider line, a variety of hard ciders crafted with Michigan apples with zero net sugar and only 100 calories. The dry, slightly tart light ciders are offered in three flavors – lime mojito, mixed berry and apple – and will hit store shelves in early September but are available now on draft at the Blake’s Tasting Room in Armada, Michigan.

Like Blake’s full line of hard ciders, its new Lite Ciders are all-natural and gluten-free made from a five-apple blend of fresh pressed Michigan apples grown and harvested on Blake’s 800-acre orchard with no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. The new line of light ciders is the first of its kind by an independently owned cidery in Michigan and an answer to the low-calorie, low-carb hard seltzer category craze that has taken the beverage industry country by storm.

“Fans of our hard cider have asked for a low-carb and calorie option; and we listened and delivered with Blake’s Lite Cider with real fruit, 100 percent fresh-pressed apple cider as our base, that is a ‘fit’ for the hard seltzer drinker, cider lover, wine enthusiast and beyond,” said Andrew Blake, owner and founder of Blake’s Hard Cider. “We’re able to keep the calories low and the sugar at zero by using real ingredients, fermenting out the natural apple sugars, and carbonating with water. It’s not a complex process when you have fresh fruit surrounding you.”

Blake’s Lite Cider (5% ABV) will be sold in the three-flavor variety pack of 12-ounce 12-pack slim cans throughout the company’s 18 state footprint through Blake’s Hard Cider distribution and at most major grocery chains such as Meijer and Kroger for a suggested price of $10.99-$11.99, depending market. Find Blake’s new Lighter Ciders or any of Blake’s Hard Cider beverages by visiting BlakesHardCider.com.

Austin Eastciders, Brut Super Dry – Austin Eastciders, the number one craft cider in Texas, introduced a Brut Super Dry Cider, the first offering in a new permanent line of sparkling, full-flavored super dry ciders with only 100 calories and just two grams of sugar. The new release rolled out in six packs and on draft across all Austin Eastciders markets this month.

The new cider is made with real fruit and has notes of tart apple, Champagne and citrus with a crisp apple and orange peel finish. “Brut Super Dry Cider is a dry and effervescent cider that is light in body with a slight astringency,” said Brittnay Perlo, Master Cidermaker at Austin Eastciders. “It’s reminiscent of dry champagne.”

“100 Calories Austin Eastciders fills a gap for consumers looking for an elevated taste experience that fits into their low sugar, low calorie lifestyle,” said Dave Rule, Vice President of Marketing, Austin Eastciders. “Our cidermakers created a refreshing, Champagne-like drink that doesn’t compromise on flavor or quality.” Visit AustinEastciders.com to stay tuned on future developments of the new 100 Calorie line.

Nine Pin Cider photos provided by Relentless Awareness for Nine Pin Cider. Blake’s Hard Cider photos provided by PublicCityPR for Blake’s Hard Cider. Austin Eastciders photo courtesy of Austin Eastciders.


A New Cider For Everyone

This summer, we have seen a wide array of new ciders released into the market including fruit-based ones, collaborations, low-calorie options, and lifestyle-based choices. The innovation is always exciting to hear about and taste. Before summer ends, get your hands on these ciders that have made their debut all across the country:

Colorado Cider Company, Heritage Blend – Since its inception, Colorado Cider Company has been tied to orcharding and a commitment to revitalizing cider apples on the Western Slope. In 2010, Brad and Kathe Page purchased 42 acres in Hotchkiss, Colorado, with the intent to plant apple trees. In 2013, the husband-wife team planted their first 1,000 specialty cider apple trees, then added another 2,000 in 2014, and this May they planted another 1,000 trees for a total of 4,000 trees! With the right cider apple fruit now available, they have released their third orchard-based cider, Heritage Blend.

Heritage Blend is the perfect blend of tannin, acidity and the right amount of apple character. It is the fruit of many hours of labor and a lot of tender loving care. Colorado Cider Company only makes one cider a year from its own orchard, and this year’s end result is fantastic considering such hot and dry conditions that the orchard experienced. The varieties used in Heritage include Newtown Pippin, Winesap, Wickson Crab, Northern Spy, Major, Kingston Black, Harry Masters Jersey, Browns Apple, Fox Whelp, Golden Russet, Arkansas Black, and Foraged Eisenhower Crab. Learn more about the Hotchkiss orchard and other Colorado Cider Company ciders by visiting ColoradoCider.com.

Colorado Cider Company, Blackberry – The newest edition to the Colorado Cider Company lineup and the final limited release of the summer hit distribution this month. Blackberry is made with lemon peel and cascara (the coffee cherry) for an earthy, zesty and refreshing cider. It has a rich color of blackberry fruit and a distinct blackberry tang. At 5% ABV, Blackberry goes down easy and can be enjoyed a few times over. It’s available in four-packs and on draft across Colorado Cider Company’s Colorado markets with limited distribution to Arizona, Wyoming and Nebraska.

“We are a small team here at the cidery, and we all had input into what we wanted out of this late summer seasonal. We did at least five trials, playing with the ratio of the ingredients. What we settled on is the perfect balance in which each element can be picked out alone, while also seamlessly blending together,” explained Cat Butler of Colorado Cider Company.

Cider Corps, Cucumber Honey – Veteran-owned craft cidery, Cider Corps, paid tribute to the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion known for its versatility and element of surprise with the release of C-Bees Cucumber Honey Cider this month. Members of this battalion are commonly known as “Seabees” who’s “can-do” motto challenged Cider Corps to create the style.

Made of a proprietary blend of fermented Washington apple juice, Arizona honey and 600 pounds of fresh-pressed cucumbers, C-Bees comes in at 5.8% ABV. It is crisp, earthy and delicious. “This isn’t a fruity cider,” said Cider Corps co-owner Josh Duren. “It defies expectations – just like the Seabees who are known for being able to quickly lay down their construction tools and take up arms.”

C-Bees is a limited-edition cider available in 12-ounce bottles by the four-pack for $13.50. The Mesa, Arizona, cidery first produced the cider last year and decided to bring it back this year so more people can try it. However, they still only produced 500 four-packs for sale. Additionally, C-Bees will be available by the glass in the Cider Corps taproom, while supplies last. Visit CiderCorpsAZ.com to see what’s on tap.

Eden Specialty Ciders, Oliver’s Twist – Foxwhelp is classified as a Bittersharp apple variety, meaning it has both tannin and acidity. Eden Specialty Ciders was lucky enough to get four bins of this apple variety from their friends at Poverty Lane Orchards last fall, and they found the juice coming off the press both stunning in its bright flavors, and elegant in its balance of acidity over tannin. The Eden team found Foxwhelp to be the obvious choice for a single varietal cider from the 2018 harvest.

Oliver’s Twist, the newest Cellar Series release, is perfect for warm summer days, and as an accompaniment to lighter patio fare such as anything on a raw bar, summer salads, and grilled chicken. It has lively bubbles and balanced texture from bottle-conditioning, beautiful green grape and citrus notes, and a clean finish at 7.5% ABV.

The cider was named after the Eden team had the opportunity to visit cider maker Tom Oliver in Herefordshire (United Kingdom) and they were treated to a taste from a 5-year old barrel of Foxwhelp cider. As the cider’s label explains, “That five-year-old cider was outstanding. The classic bittersharp variety, the power of its acidity after years of adversity was a testament to its strength of character and sunny personality.”

Unfortunately, only enough bottles of Foxwhelp were made for Eden’s Cider Club and some of their favorite cider bars to have on draft. If you would like to become a member of the Cider Club, you may still be able to get a bottle but you will definitely ensure yourself future special releases like this. Visit EdenCiders.com to learn more about the Cider Club and all of its benefits.

Magners Irish Cider, Berry – For the first time in while, this summer, Magners Irish Cider has brought Magners Berry to the United States. Berry has been a fan favorite overseas, and the Magners US team has been receiving many requests to bring it state side. Prior to this release, Magners Original and Pear were the only two varieties available for Magners in the US.

Magners Berry Cider (4.5% ABV) is fermented with a pear base and has a vibrant pink color. You will immediately smell the fruit notes of strawberry, raspberry and black currant when you crack open a bottle. This cider is the perfect addition to your Summer drink rotation due to its sweet, refreshing taste and it pairs well with your favorite barbecue items like strawberry rhubarb pie, balsamic glazed sirloin, and blueberry goat cheese salad. Try it over ice while sipping pool side or at your favorite pub! Roll-out began in June but Berry will be available nationwide by Fall for a suggested retail price of $9.99 per 12-ounce six-pack of bottles.

“We have been getting requests from fans, retailers and distributors alike to bring Magners Berry to the US,” said Vice President of Sales, Terry Hopper. “With the growth the fruit cider segment is seeing right now, we thought it was the perfect time to launch Magners Berry. We are very excited to have new news around Magners in the US.” Check out Magners.com for more information.

Jack’s Hard Cider, Rosé – Jack’s Hard Cider announced the release of their newest premium cider, Rosé, last month. The semi-dry cider (4.5% ABV) is the perfect blend of fruit juices and rooibos tea, creating a cider with fresh berry notes and a supple finish. It pairs well with braised short ribs, crispy fries and sharp cheeses – and is the perfect cider for summer!

Rosé can be found in all 14 states that Jack’s Hard Cider has distribution to in addition to their tasting room in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. To find Jack’s near you, visit JacksHardCider.com.

Shoal Hope Ciderworks, Absinthe of Malus – Last month, Shoal Hope Ciderworks announced the pilot launch of their newest cider Absinthe of Malus with a keg tapping at their taproom located within the Cape Cod Beer brewery. This cider was recently awarded a silver medal in the ‘spiced cider’ category of the 2019 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, and was well received in local tasting events.

A lightly carbonated, filtered cider, Absinthe of Malus finishes with a black licorice flavor reminiscent of absinthe and created by the infusion of organic spices. The cider continues the Shoal Hope tradition of subtle flavoring and minimal manipulation of the cider base which so many have come to enjoy.

In addition to the taproom, five local Massachusetts liquor stores will be testing the new cider in the 500ml bottles which have become a well-recognized trademark for Shoal Hope Ciderworks’ ciders at retail and pouring establishments throughout the state. The Shoal Hope team hopes to receive constructive comments from the consumers towards final adjustments before a broader market launch through their distributor, Berkshire Brewing Company, takes place. This is the first of a few new ciders which Shoal Hope Ciderworks will be introducing though the end of the year along with a new packaging initiative expected to launch shortly. Find what locations are serving Shoal Hope at ShoalHopeCiderworks.com.

Rekorderlig Cider, Vegan Options – This summer, Rekorderlig, the premium hard cider brand from Sweden, announced that all seven flavors available in the United States are now vegan. Although the cider styles aren’t necessarily new, the fact that they are now vegan-friendly is. Rekorderlig developed a new brewing process which allows for the removal of gelatin as a filtering agent, to cater to the current market needs and consumer trends in health, climate change and animal well-fare. Gelatin is commonly used throughout the clarification process of cider, in order to produce a product that is crystal clear and free from cloudiness. Now using Vega gel, a vegan gelatin substitute, Rekorderlig can maintain its clean, crisp standards, while catering to vegan consumers.

Rekorderlig has recently updated all of their packaging so that each can and bottle is clearly labelled that they are suitable for vegans and are gluten-free. Visit Rekorderlig.com to learn more about the cider.

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Pumpkin – Although no one wants to think about Fall while it’s still beach season, autumn will be upon us in just a month; and there’s no better way than to celebrate Fall with Woodchuck Hard Cider’s Pumpkin. Although not a new release, Woodchuck Pumpkin was previously part of the Woodchuck Private Reserve line. It had a true pumpkin taste different from the more familiar spiced pumpkin. This year, Pumpkin will be back with a slight twist from the addition of oak aging for limited time.

The naked pumpkin profile and oak aging plays perfectly against the red culinary apple varieties used in the cider. Pumpkin is a light copper color with aroma notes of oaky squash and butterscotch at 5.5% ABV. It has an earthy taste with hints of vanilla and caramel.

“When we look at our limited release plans each year, we listen to what our customer partners and fans are asking for,” said Bridget Blacklock, Vice President of Marketing at Vermont Cider Company. “Pumpkin has been a style that everyone requests so we wanted to bring back the original pure pumpkin taste with new complexity to give our fans something special.”

Woodchuck Pumpkin is now available in the East and Central regions retailing for $10.99 per 12oz six pack cans. It will also be available in kegs. Find Woodchuck near you at Woodchuck.com.

Photos for Colorado Cider Company, Eden Specialty Ciders, Shoal Hope Ciderworks and Rekorderlig were all provided by each respective company. Cider Corps photos provided by Vilocity Interactive for Cider Corps. Photos for Magners and Woodchuck provided by Vermont Cider Company.


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